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Are you involved in your school’s Holiday Shoppe or Santa’s Workshop? Looking for better items and a great plan? We can help with that. But be careful, it’ll be so good your school will ask you to do it again!

A free and easy addition to your marketing strategy.

At Castle To Go, we want your whole school aware of, and excited about your sale. One way we can help you do this is by providing a landing page for your families to find out everything they need to know about your shop including dates and times and other particulars. When you fill in the Simple Agreement form, a MySchool page will be created and soon you’ll receive a link to your own MySchool page. You can add it to every correspondence related to your shop. Drop this link on your school calendar and you’re all set!

Parents can preview the shop.

On your MySchool page, families will be able to preview all of the items and prices the kids will see at the shop. This will help in the planning and budgeting so that parents will know how much money to send. They’ll also be able to talk with their kids about what types of things family members might like.

If your school has chosen to participate in the Gift Certificate funding program, there will be link on your MySchool page so that parents can purchase a Gift Certificate so the Billy and Sally don’t have to carry cash on their way to school. Extra money from Gift Certificates will become useful at Castle Toys and Games stores or online at following the shop.

So sign up today and we’ll get started with a MySchool page unique to your shop.


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