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Are you involved in your school’s Holiday Shoppe or Santa’s Workshop? Looking for better items and a great plan? We can help with that. But be careful, it’ll be so good your school will ask you to do it again!

Can our organization make a profit?

Each school will choose pricing options during the application process to elect:

  • No Rebate (our Better than Market pricing)
  • 10% for a little help in fund-raising, or a
  • 20% rebate which could fully fund your next big event

We work to help you achieve your goals. Some schools choose not to use this event as a fund-raiser and extend our Better than Market pricing, which means that you’ll rarely find the same item at any brick-n-mortar store at a lower price.

Most schools need the added funds to support the work of the school or parent-teacher group. We facilitate both with a varying price structure. And even at the 20% Rebate level, your families will still see good value in the items presented. When a fund-raising option is chosen, we always recommend that the school families are aware that a portion of the price goes to support the school.

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