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Are you involved in your school’s Holiday Shoppe or Santa’s Workshop? Looking for better items and a great plan? We can help with that. But be careful, it’ll be so good your school will ask you to do it again!

Low price points on great little things.

If you’ve been to our Castle Toys and Games stores you will have seen our exceptional offering of better gifts. And you may be wondering how we can translate our wonderful selection into a necessarily low-priced shop for the kids.

We hear this question alot. We had to search for things that meet both our quality standards as well as your acceptable price points. We now draw a mix of items for your shop from some of the same vendors we use for the stores as well as items not previously used. Have a look at our Gift Selection and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. While the items we offer are better in quality than you’ll find elsewhere,  we’ve put together a fine selection of great little things just for the schools.

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