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Are you involved in your school’s Holiday Shoppe or Santa’s Workshop? Looking for better items and a great plan? We can help with that. But be careful, it’ll be so good your school will ask you to do it again!

Gift Certificates can be a great option.

This option is perfect when shopping will happen during the school day and Mom and Dad are not going to be there to make sure Sally still has her money after a 45 minute bus ride and 2 or 3 hours of classes. And it’s free to all schools who use the Castle To Go Shop. Each family will be able to fund a gift certificate for their child, when the school chooses this option. When the child is ready to check out, the cashier simply looks up Sally’s name and accepts payment by the certificate. Unused value can be used at local Castle Toys and Games stores or online at Sorry. No change can be given to a child whose parents choose the gift certificate option.

Gift Certificates can be purchased by any interested families (or funded by others) at the MySchool page for each participating school. Log-in to see the items, make a list and buy a Gift Certificate. It’s that easy!


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